What is Reflexology?

Put very simply, reflexology is the practice of breaking down bodily imbalance through manipulation of the feet.

Every part of the body corresponds to a very precisely located point on the feet & ankles. Applying pressure to these points can have a beneficial effect on the whole of the body and help treat a range of disorders - for instance; digestive problems; migraines; back pain; tinnitus; among many others.

Many years of training and experience are necessary to know where these points are and how to manipulate them to the benefit of the rest of the physical and mental being of people.

Some of the basic correspondances are: Heel/small intestine; big toe/head, and; instep/spine, etc - although this is hugely oversimplified.There are actually many tens of locations on the foot and ankle which have effects elsewhere on the body, such that every single part is represented somewhere.

The picture here shows a treatment being administered in somebody's home, taken with kind permission by my husband!!

Reflexology has been successful in relaxing many acute and chronic conditions such as back pain, insomnia, allergies, menstrual problems, migraine and asthma. An increasing number of people are using this safe and natural therapy for balancing and harmonising the body. Through knowledge of anatomy and how it relates to mapping in the feet, reflexology treatment is a relaxing and healing manipulation.

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