Hopi Ear Candles

Thermo-auricular Therapy (hopi ear candles) is a very gentle treatment used to relieve problems relating to the head and ears - increasing cleanliness and balance.

This treatment was brought over to Europe by the HOPI AMERICAN INDIANS. It was traditionally used in meditation and only later recognised as having particular physical benefits. Included in its range are ailments such as irritations in the ears/sinuses, migraines, glue ear, colds/flu among many others. Of course it is also very useful for cleaning the ear for improved hearing ability, and less harsh than the usual syringe method used in other professions for clearing earwax!

The treatment consists of lying down with the head on one side and a lit EARcandle held over the opening of the ear. The candle is hollow so as it burns the drop in pressure inside the tube causes it to draw up both air and the dissolved contents of the ear - wax and dirt.

Head and sinus massage usually accompany the treatment. EARcandles generally burn from 10-20 minutes on each ear. The therapy is always carried out on both ears and ends with a facial pressure point massage. The first treatment should be followed by a second no more than a week later. A third is generally required, then usually once every 4-6 months, depending on the severity of the complaint.

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