Corporate Visits

This is a service in which 'through the clothes' head, neck and shoulder massage treatments are administered in peoples' workplaces. These are mostly to counter the effects of stress in business and office environments.

They are proving extremely popular and rewarding to clients receiving them, many reporting improved atmosphere in the office as a result. For workers the stress reduction is an enormous relief, for business owners more work gets done because people are happier. Work managers are beginning to recognise the benefits of these therapies to both employees and employers.

The photograph to the left shows a treatment being administered in a local office

These treatments usually take the form of a block booking in which I visit a workplace for a morning or afternoon. These treatments easily fit into breaks and lunchtime if it isn't possible to allocate time during work hours.

I can take and use equipment on these visits, but its more usual for treatment to be administered through clothes while sitting in a normal chair. In the photo I'm using the HNS chair.

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